Dock Talk

Hundreds of Dolphins

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 11, 2005

It has been an awesome couple of days here at Painter's Lodge and April Point.  The winds are being more cooperative as well as the Chinooks and the Pinks!  Fishing has been truly amazing.

The Chinook range from 8 pounds to a whopping 35 pounder caught by Bob Hirte in the Tyee PoolArnold Kamerman, in the deep waters of Thurston Bay, caught another Tyee today. Arnold was rigged with a nice rolling anchovy and an orange flasher.

The majority of the Sockeye and Chinook have been caught up north at Chatham Point and Green Sea Bay using pink or purple haze hoochies. The Coho run has been excellent as well. Wild Coho have been caught and released up at Chatum Point and Green Sea Bay using anchovies and the hatchery Coho have come in strong on the dock.  

The wildlife tours have been pretty good the last couple days as well. The transient whales have been spotted just along the shores of the Seymour Narrows along with over 200 white side dolphins breaching the waters off the narrows.  Just at the base of the Orphord River mouth, grizzlies have been spotted lounging around as well as a few black bears spotted on the shores of Sonora Island.

Caylin on the Painter's Lodge Docks