Dock Talk

Hot Fishing and Whale Pender T-14

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - June 2, 2008

This week has been wonderful; the fish are coming in strong, and the wildlife has been superb.

The wildlife tour today got to see a ton of pacific white sided dolphins. They stayed with the boat for a long time, playing in the wake.

Vancouver Island salmon fishingThe eagles were out and about munching on the hake. They even had the privilege of watching an eagle yank a salmon right out of the water and take it back to the beach for its lunch.

Yesterday there was a special treat: Pender T-14, Vancouver Island’s most famous Orca, graced us with his presence as he cruised down the Discovery Passage with his mom. Pender is easy to identify because he has two scars on his dorsal fin from transceivers implanted in him before he was released from captivity into the wild.

As for fishing, well…it’s really starting to pick up. Yesterday John Pinaso beat Richard Vanderem by 0.6 oz, they both brought in nice 19 pounders, but thanks to our detail scale we can pin point it right down the oz. Today’s biggest catch was Wayne Waters with a 15 pound Chinook. Keep ‘em coming!

That’s all for today thanks for check in. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Megan Lane
Dock Supervisor
Painter’s Lodge

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