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Get to Know Our Buildings

Painter's Lodge - May 15, 2013

As you may or may not know, Painter’s Lodge is made up of many different buildings. When I first began working here I assumed they were all pretty much the same, but that’s not really the case. Each building offers a slightly different experience, but they all have one thing in common: they’re all a lovely place to spend your vacation.

The first building you’re likely to experience is the Main Lodge. This is where our lobby, Legend’s Dining Room, Fireside Lounge and Tyee Pub are located. If you head upstairs you’ll find our trophy room where you can relive the history of the lodge. You’ll also find 15 rooms, two of which are large suites with extended decks. The main lodge offers both ocean and garden view rooms that are just a few steps away from our lovely dining areas and right in the heart of the action.

The Redonda Wing is all ocean view, but what really makes this building unique is the lawn that the bottom decks open up to. Many guests love to pull their deck chairs out onto the lawn and lounge in the sun right next to the ocean.  The top floor may not have the lawn but offers some of the best views of the ocean on the property.

Directly behind the Redonda Wing is the Vancouver Wing. Situated on a hill, this building looks over top of the Redonda Wing and also offers a wonderful view of the ocean. The top floor features lofted ceilings and the building is just a few feet away from our heated pool and hot tubs.

The Quadra and Cortes Wings are our garden view buildings. Thanks to our expert gardeners every view is a good one at Painter’s Lodge. These buildings allow you to sit out on the deck right next to a wide array of beautiful flowers. The top floors feature lofts and four beds, making them an excellent choice for groups of friends or families. The Cortes Wing is also home to our hospitality room, 325. This room has two floors, two decks and is perfect for large parties and functions.

Finally, we have the Victoria Wing. This ocean view building has seven loft rooms with large seating areas and king size beds. The couches fold out into queen sized beds, making them perfect for family getaways or romantic weekends for two.

In addition to our wings, we also have four cabins nestled in the woods at the back of the property, located right next to our tennis courts, children’s centre and fitness centre. These are ideal for those large groups that need a little more space than a regular hotel room can offer.

So, where are you going to stay when you come visit us? The choices are many, but they’re all good ones.

Catch you later,