Dock Talk

Fishy, fishy...

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 18, 2005

Fishing has been fabulous at Painter' Lodge and April Point! Congrats to Dennis Walters, who was united with his beautiful 26 pounder.... Also soaring the charts was Larry Juergens and his pretty lil' 28.5 pound Chinook.

Peter Scully had tight lines last trip as he won the battle against his 24 lbs, and Joanne Gehl beat her husband to the hook and claimed the big one (24 lbs).  Anthony Kesteloot brought in a nice lookin' 21.5 lbs fishy, along with Bob Casterella who brought in a 20 pounder. Nice work!  Hot spots lately include The Lighthouse as usual, Brown's Bay and Chatham Point.

I was on a Wild Life Tour yesterday and saw a whole herd of northern killer whales. There was 6 pods in one day, setting a record for our whale watching tours!  One male was about 30 odd feet in lenth, and his dorsal fin about 4ft.

More to come, but for now i'm off to enjoy some sunshine and fishing off the dock, hopefully this time I don't get attacked by them eagles!

~ Beckie