Dock Talk

Fishing buddies make the world go round

Oak Bay Marine Group Fishing Resorts - May 21, 2010

Just in time for a long weekend of out on the water, our friends at the Freshwater Fisheries Society have launched their Fishing Buddies program. They're trying to encourage anglers to introduce someone new to the joys of fishing.  Obviously we think this is a great idea.

No matter which of our resorts you visit, the one common thread is friends and family coming together and sharing some quality time outdoors.  We regularly host four generations of fishermen at once, ranging from first timers to gramma and gramps who've been fishing since 1930.

One of our biggest delights is hearing those first-timer stories.  Without exception people are surprised by how much fun they've had.  We're not surprised, but we're always delighted.

Do you have a good first time fishing story?  We'd love to hear it and maybe even publish it in the Coastal Currents.  If so, send it on to

And do check out the Fishing Buddies program, and spread the word.

Have a great long weekend.

~ The Oak Bay Marine Group Crew