Dock Talk

Exciting Morning on the Docks

Painter's Lodge - July 5, 2010

Every 2-3 weeks we get a tour group from Hanson Travel come and stay at Painter’s Lodge. This is Steve and Mai Leung they went out fishing this morning and had a very exciting time.
The cheers could be heard from the Lodge. As you can see I had to make my way through the crowd to get their picture. It’s so great to see people get so excited about a couple fish.  I think some people from around here start to forget what a special thing it is to catch a salmon. I’m glad they all enjoyed their morning on the dock.
Here they are admiring Salty, one of our resident seals.
Bob and Steve from Newcastle, UK, also had a cheerful greeting from the Hanson Travel group when they arrived to the dock with their four Chinooks. 
~ Caylin