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Dwayne Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report (Sept. 13)

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 13, 2013


This week Dwayne gives us an update on the Pink Salmon fishing, and also talks about the arrival of the Chum. Enjoy!

Campbell River anglers learned a valuable lesson in sharing last week.

For three weeks the waters North of Seymour Narrows were an angler’s playground, catching fish after fish. Pink salmon were so plentiful that they would strike your downrigger within seconds of putting it down. People were switching from downriggers to spincasters, to spincasting behind the back… all while doing a jig and the New York Times Sunday crossword at the same time. La, la, la, it was too easy.

Then the Department of Fisheries opened the waters in Area 13 to the commercial seining fleet and in a display of just how effective modern technology can be, they hauled out a massive amount of pinks in a very short period of time. After it was over there were still some pinks left for anglers, but they had to put down their crossword and go back to their downriggers. And while anglers might grumble, the seiners were just doing a job. DFO had determined that the stock was healthy enough to harvest so the hardworking fishermen (who have a sizable investment in their hardware) went about their job feeding the world. It’s that simple. And as the heavily laden boats wallowed off to the fish market, more pink salmon began to reappear one again. The pinks are still out there, so get fishing while you can.

Unless, of course, you want to wait for the Painter’s Lodge Chum Derby which begins September 23. The guides at painter’s Lodge are already starting to see the first of the Chum Salmon mixed in with the last of the Sockeye and the odd wild Coho. Although we probably won’t see the same concentration of Chum we saw for Pinks, their battle worthiness more than makes up for it. Just remember Chum fishing signals the official beginning of fall and those cool morning temperatures, so dig out your long johns.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishing