Dock Talk

Dwayne Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report (May 30)

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - May 30, 2013

The fishing has been pretty good here so far, but according to our Marine Activities Manager Dwayne and some "prophets" down on the docks, it could get even better soon. Here's what Dwayne has to say:

While there is a lot of science involved in making successful angling decisions, there is also a certain amount of rumour, legend and just plain old wives’ tales. So, if you are one of those people who believe that burying a black cat’s bone at midnight will help ward off evil spirits, listen closely.

Some of the prophets on our docks say this: “After the first new moon in June the herring reappear. They were all down south for the Parksville herring spawn and they’re just now making their way up north. The salmon will be following the herring. Rumour has it they’re knocking ‘em dead down at Kitty Coleman and Bates Beach, so they’re headed our way… on top of that, I saw a hump back whale breach twice at noon, which is always a good sign.”

I hope this crystal ball is working well (not that I believe in that sort of thing), but I threw a pinch of sea salt over my shoulder anyway, just for good luck.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishin’