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Dwayne Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report (June 19)

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - June 19, 2013

The fishing at Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort and Spa has been unbelievable. Up until this week we had been catching mostly Chinook, as well as the odd lingcod and halibut. But that all changed this week with the sudden arrival of large amounts of Coho. The fishing was already great, but it’s reached a whole new level now with every boat bring in buckets of fish. Here’s what our Marine Activities Manager Dwayne Mustard has to say about fishing this week:

Have you ever gone fishing somewhere and everyone says, “You should have been here last week?” That week they are talking about is happening right here, right now. Chinook fishing at the Hump and the Lighthouse continues to be “lights out” but the big surprise has to be the sudden arrival of beautiful 5 and 6 pound Coho all over the South end of Quadra Island. Whether you are fishing at Francisco Point, the Green Can, the Lighthouse or the Hump you can expect to encounter Coho at almost all depths, from right up on the surface to 200 feet deep. Now remember, you can’t keep a wild Coho, but you can retain 2 fin-clipped hatchery Coho per day. I don’t know which hatchery to thank but there certainly are plenty of hatchery fish around. If you do keep a couple of these wonderful little fish for the barbeque make sure that you turn the heads in with all of your personal information and DFO will send you a note telling from which hatchery your fish came. Most public docks, wharves and marinas have a fish head collection spot and you can also drop them off at the town’s “Big Two” tackle shops or at the DFO office on Shopper’s Row.

If you are going to go out to get some of these hatchery fish, remember that you are going to encounter some wild fish that you will have to release. Although these fish will hit regular Chinook gear, it can be very damaging to these little guys. Double hooked hoochie leaders will often end up in their gills causing fatal injury and larger 4/0, 5/0, or 6/0 hooks will often take out their eye. So, do them a favour and tackle down. Use little spoons or plugs with 2/0 Siwash hooks or hoochies rigged with a single hook. You might even take a look in your Grandpa’s dusty old tackle box and see if he has any bucktail flies laying around. If you find some, just tie them directly to your mono line and let them trail along on the surface about 20’ behind the boat. Travel twice as fast as you think you should, then double your speed. Enjoy the battle but don’t overplay them and try to release the wild ones without handling them. Treat these fabulous little fish with respect and karma will smile on you with a couple of hatchery beauties to take home.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishin’