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Dway Mustard's Weekly Fishing Report (Sept. 20)

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 20, 2013

Fall has definitely arrived in Campbell River and Quadra Island, but the fishing is still good. Pink salmon still populate the waters north of town in lareg numbers and the Chum are beginning to show up. This week Dwayne gives you you an update on pink salmon fishing, and also prepares you for Chum season.

I don’t know how many pink salmon have come down Discovery Passage but it must be a pretty significant count. They have been running in numbers since early August and have faced waves of sports fisherman, seals, sea lions and seine boats, yet they continue to migrate through. Even though I have said week after week that they won’t be here for long, well, they’re still here. So, one more time, “Get out there and get ‘em while you can.”

Thanks to this significant run of pink salmon, we won’t have to wait long before we see the next run of salmon, namely Chum salmon. If you have never fished for Chum salmon in salt water, then you are really missing out. They are probably pound for pound the best fighting salmon in the Pacific. While Chum may not possess a Chinook salmon’s sheer brute force, or a Coho salmon’s blazing speed, they do have a dogged determination that will see them try every trick in the book to off the hook. They will dive deep, they will run to the surface and jump, they head shake, they sulk, they will try and wrap the line around the motor… all of those sneaky salmon manoeuvres that fisherman love to hate.

If you have been out fishing for pinks you won’t even have to change your gear or techniques that much. You can stick with the same old hoochie. You may want to lengthen your leader or perhaps even stick a pink spin-n-glo in front of the hoochie, but other than that you’re set. You might also want to stack extra rods on the downrigger or run a set of dummy flashers but you don’t have to. Just head out on a clear day (for some reason Chum bite better in the sunshine) and go to Greensea Bay, Deepwater Bay or Plumper Bay. Look for jumping fish and troll right behind them. Viola! Late season salmon fishing excitement.

Until next week,

Tight lines and keep on fishin’