Dock Talk

D Pod is a Fisherman's Friend

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 22, 2007

This July we’ve seen some pretty crazy weather. After a week-long heat wave a south-east wind has brought in a bit of rain. In any case, this morning’s fishing trips were nothing short of spectacular.

Our fleet got up to Browns Bay for the early bite. That’s when the Orcas (Killer whales) came screaming down the straight. “D” pod came through and made the fishing really go off. As they traveled by the fish pushed into the bay and most of the boats had fish on and some had double headers.

The fishing was good for the entire morning with a good mix of Chinook and Pink salmon. We’re still seeing lots of young Chinook which is a great predictor for next year.

Tight lines.

Dave Gosnell
Marine Operations Manager
Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa