Dock Talk

Busy, Sunny, Thursday.

Painter's Lodge - July 21, 2011

What a busy day we have had today at Painter’s Lodge on top of all the Groups and weddings today (Yes, 2 wedding’s on a Thursday!) we have had a full patio with guests and locals soaking up the sun shine.
We had 2 groups to go fishing today. The first to return to the dock was Vestergaard, a returning group for many years. They filled up 2 big bins after 8 hours of fishing. One boat returned after only 5 hours with their limit. The largest catch was 29.1 lbs. Jeff Campbell was very upset to see his fish wasn’t a Tyee. Maybe next time Jeff.
Our 2nd group was the GenNx group. They fished for 4 hours and their largest fish, caught by Jim Shepard, weighed in at 27.1 lbs.
After that I rushed up to the Discovery Lawn to catch Virginia and Travis’s wedding. The small intimate ceremony with 40 guests was absolutely gorgeous.
Then… was the last event of today; Ian and Kristin’s wedding. I guess I shouldn’t have referred to Travis and Virginia’s wedding as Intimate because Ian and Kristin had 0 guests and 2 managers as witnesses. Now that’s intimate.
~ Caylin