Dock Talk

Beautiful Catch

Painter's Lodge - June 12, 2010

Congratulations to Lloyd and Roxanne who got hitched this afternoon at Painter’s Lodge. There’s nothing better than a wedding in the grass, on a sunny Saturday afternoon looking over the Discovery Passage. Good luck to the both you with all the adventures life will bring you.
Lloyd with his catch of a life time. 
Anthony Abraham came back to the dock today with a 24.84 lb Chinook to add to the derby leaders. I almost didn’t get a picture of him with his beautiful catch.
A little tidbit about Caylin. If you don’t already know I am the “resident photographer” at Painter’s Lodge. All of the crew knows this and will call me when something is worth getting a photo of. Well, while I was working very hard in my office today I got a call from Zoe on the dock telling me there was a big fish down there and that I should come get a photo (above). I grab my camera and run, run, run.  So when you see me running through the lodge or down the dock with my camera you better watch out!
Enjoy the fabulous weather this weekend everyone.
~ Caylin