Dock Talk

Awesome end to June

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 1, 2006

What a month June was! Senior guides are saying it’s been the best June in 3 years for salmon fishing. Combine that with 2 straight weeks of sun and you get the perfect fishing vacation.

Chinook salmon have been pouring into the dock lately in the 12 – 22 lb range. We’re catching them all over the place on a variety of different gear. The only common denominator has been depth - these Chinook are deep, deep, deep!

Brown’s Bay, Plumber Bay and Deepwater Bay to the north have all started to produce fish lately. Some guides have gone as far as Chatham Point and had some spectacular days up there. Of course the Lighthouse has been consistently good all year long. Our guides have started to fish way off of the light and seem to be getting hits a long way down.

Frits Justesen caught a 22 lb Chinook yesterday but was beat out for the biggest fish of the day by Dave Coomber who caught a 24 lb’er. Way to go Dave! Jeff Coomber didn’t have much to complain about either as he brought back an 18 lb Chinook and a 9 lb’er. Cindy Haley did very well yesterday netting a 23 lb Chinook in the hot sun.

We’ve seen some gorgeous sunsets over the last few weeks, and the cruise ships are going by every night providing our guests with some memorable evenings. Whale watching tours started today and we’ve seen some transient whales in Discovery Passage every few days over the last 2 weeks. Dahl’s porpoises are around all the time and of course eagles and heron’s every day.

Happy Canada Day from the crew at Painter’s lodge and April Point Resort & Spa! Come see us this summer and enjoy an unforgettable vacation on the west coast.

Tight lines,
Brian Friesen
Marine Operations Manager