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August Heat Derby Update (August 16)

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 16, 2013

We’re halfway through our August Heat Derby and we’ve certainly seen a lot of big fish! In addition to all the big Chinook being brought in we’ve also seen a ton of Pinks. Many boats are limiting out on these little fish, so everyone is coming back to the docks with lots of salmon.

Of course, when it comes to the derby, it’s size that matters. So, what have been some of the nicest catches since my last update?

As I mentioned in my last post, fishing in the Tyee Pool is heating up. Jim Busselle and Bob Hawks both tried their hand at traditional Tyee Rowing, and they were rewarded with big fish that vaulted them up the derby leaderboard. Jim caught a 31.5 pound Tyee, while Bob caught a 29.7 pounder.

Our Boston Whalers and cruisers have also been bringing in some pretty nice fish. Fernand Perrier went out with Painter’s guide Matt Little last week and returned with a beautiful 30.4 pound Tyee. Andreas Pourahmadi, Duane Arnason, Linda Davis and Abraham Chan all caught big fish this week as well that came really close to the 30 pound mark.

Over at April Point, Brent Benson’s 32 pound Tyee was just 2 ounces shy of the derby lead. Although there have been some fish that have come close, at the halfway point April Point guest Dave Zilch still holds the derby lead at 32.2 pounds.

Here’s the complete derby leaderboard:

  1. Dave Zilch: 32.2 lbs
  2. Brent Benson: 32 lbs
  3. Jim Busselle:  31.5 lbs
  4. Fernand Perrier: 30.4 lbs
  5. Bob Hawks: 29.7 lbs
  6. Andreas Pourahmadi: 28.8 lbs
  7. Duane Arnason: 28.1 lbs
  8. Jody Berscheid: 27.9 lbs
  9. Linda Davis: 27.7 lbs
  10. Grace Strong, Bobbie Farinsky, Abraham Chan: 27.6 lbs

Catch you later,