Dock Talk

August Heat Derby Smokin'

Painter's Lodge - August 5, 2010

Mark Stach went out fishing yesterday at 6:00 am just like the rest of the guests but he came back after 8hrs as the August Heat Derby Leader. Weighing in at 37 lbs. 5 oz. Mark caught himself the 2nd largest Chinook to hit the dock so far this season, ½ a pound short of the largest. Mark and his son Konrad went out again this morning for another 8 hours and caught them selves each a 15 pounder. Like father like son. 
Sockeye is open today; we had a couple come in to the dock this morning. They really are a very pretty fish, and the best tasting.
OK so I try not to talk about the weather too much but it has been so weird around here the past couple of days.  We’ve got smoke that has traveled down the inlets from the mainland and is settling around our area. It looks like fog but smells like smoke, not very good visibility and the sun looks like mars. I got some really good pictures on the Sunset Tour the other night; the reflection of the sun makes the water look like it’s on fire.  It’s quite unusual for the smoke to travel this far. The forecast calls for rain on the weekend so it should clear it all up for the sunny weather to come back early next week.
~ Caylin