Dock Talk

An Exciting Friday

Painter's Lodge - September 10, 2011

Earlier in the day Friday we had an earthquake! This was my first experience with an earthquake and I DID NOT like it. I was sitting in the Tyee Pub eating lunch when the quake hit. It felt as though I was on the rocking dock. You could feel the whole building sway and all the glasses hanging on the bar were swinging. It was rated a 6.8 and the epicentre was just of the west coast of Vancouver Island near Gold River and was felt all the way in Vancouver. No damage just lots to talk about the rest of the day. 
Whiskey Point once again rocked the Tyee Pub on Friday Night. These guys had a full house, including locals, staff and guests. Check out the sneak peek below.  The Lent family visiting for a Birthday/ family vacation had almost 30 people here over the weekend. They loved the live music and danced the night away.  They fished 2 days in a row and Mark Lent caught a 32.5 lb. Tyee. His guide Ron was so excited he cleaned the monstrous fish before I could make it down to get a picture. Congrats Mark!
~ Caylin