Dock Talk

A Thank You to Richard and Kent

Painter's Lodge - June 7, 2013

There are a lot of parts about my job that I love: the location, the scenery and my awesome co-workers come to mind. But in the end, the reason I’m here is for the guests. Nothing makes my day more than happy guests, and this week I dealt with a couple guys who made my job extra fun.

Richard and Kent White were two of the most enthusiastic guests I’ve ever met. Not only were they interested in catching fish for themselves (which they did, catching one each) but they were down at the dock every time the boats came in to see who else was catching fish. They seemed just as excited about other people catching fish as they did about catching they’re own fish. These two guys virtually became part of the dock crew during their stay here and were always a pleasure to talk to.

They made sure to thank all the staff before they left for helping make their stay so memorable, but I think they deserve a thank you as well. Its guests like these that make everyone’s job at Painter’s Lodge so enjoyable. So thank you Richard and Kent choosing to spend your vacation at Painter’s Lodge. We hope to see you again real soon!

Catch you later,