Dock Talk

A Strong Finish For July

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 31, 2012

Despite Saturday morning being grey, rainy and foggy it brought along lots of joy. On the AM tide 3 Tyees were weighed in on the Painter’s dock. The first of the day belonged to Bruce who was well deserving of the attention it brought him. Bruce has been fishing at Painter’s Lodge for close to 30 years but this was his first salmon to weigh 30 lbs. All the other anglers on that tide caught fish as well, most of them over 20 lbs.

That same joy Bruce experienced was felt by a gentleman from April Point who fished the mid-tide.  As 10 boats returned to April Point at 3 pm, the sun began to shine in full force and the dock filled with spectators anxious to see who caught what.  Many great looking fish for the anglers to cheer and high-five for: 25, 28, 22, 27…and yep, another Tyee! The owner of the 4th 30 lb. Chinook (each one weighed almost exactly that) was happy to share the glory with all of his friends.

With the return of the sunshine guests started lining up for the water taxi, kayakers paddled out into Gowlland Harbour and the April Point Dining Room deck filled up. The weekend was still young and we were all thirsty for some vitamin D.

Saturday’s hot fishing continued through Sunday which produced multiple 35 lb. Chinooks but the streak wouldn’t end there. At 9:30 this morning Dan and Linda caught the largest fish of our 2012 season thus far, 39.5 lbs. The gorgeous Chinook was hooked with a hoochie our guides call “The Rockstar”, right off The Hump. Luckily, our August Heat Derby begins tomorrow so when the next big one comes in the angler will be going home with even more than his/her catch as a prize!

See you in August,