Dock Talk

A Game Changer

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 28, 2012

This August Heat Derby really has us all on the edge of our seats! With just 4 days left in the derby, Konane Laureta showed us that the competition can still heat up at the very last minute.

Along with guide Pete and his father, Greg, Konane fished today’s morning tide at The Hump. It was there that Konane caught a 43.6 lb. Chinook using a Jack Smith hoochie.  He fought his enormous Tyee for 35 minutes before Pete was able to net it and get it in the boat. Konane now leads the derby followed by Lal Puri who caught a 41.5 lb. Chinook on August 16th.

Pete also guided Painter’s guest Trevor Johnson to his very first salmon this afternoon. Trevor reeled in a beautiful 22.8 lb. Chinook after losing a few others.

Over the weekend it was Dave Wilmoth (24 lbs.), Duane Arnason (19.6 lbs.) and Trevor Amos (26.9 lbs.) who were awarded the title of daily derby winner at Painter’s Lodge.  At April Point Craig Arychuk (25.1 lbs.) and Dave McMichael (19.9 lbs.) were the lucky anglers.

It's back to school for children next Tuesday so we hope to see families having an extra good time at the resorts this week. Quite a few ladies at April Point will experience mild separation anxiety after The Vath family from Seattle and their 9 week-old golden retriever puppy, Captain, have to go. It's hard to say goodbye to our cute little guetsts who are so visibly having a fantastic vacation.

See you in a few,