Dock Talk

A Friendly Family

Painter's Lodge - July 18, 2011

Alright! The Sun shined all day today. We needed some vitamin D to perk up all our spirits. It has really help on the fishing side of the Painter’s world as well.
The pub and lounge decks have been loaded with people trying to take advantage of the great weather. If it was my day off I’d be out there too enjoying a cold beverage and some fresh pull and peel Prawns (slurping sound).
Top news: We had our first pink of the season caught today by Mr. Salminen!
Yesterday I met a very nice man and his son; Ben and Alex from Bellingham, have fished the last couple of days. They caught 1 fish yesterday. Alex was a little sleepy yesterday after his 5:00am wakeup call but it didn’t stop him from enjoying salty the seals company. Today was drastically better, having the weather, a little later start time and 2 fish in the boat! It was a pleasure meeting such a polite and grateful family and I hope we see you all again soon.
We have the first wave of the GenNX group here this week fishing eating and relaxing. They also had a great afternoon with their largest fish caught by Chris Allen weighed in at 23.3 lbs. Good luck tomorrow guys!
~ Caylin