Dock Talk

A Father-Son Affair

Painter's Lodge - June 4, 2010

Where else can you catch a fish as big as you are? Well when your 5 years old it’s a little easier… Great Job Sammy!
Wondering where you stand on the Spring Fling Salmon Derby? Here’s a list of our May Daily Winners.


  • May 1st        Russell Giannasi            17.81 lbs
  • May 4th        Bob Leiman                     12.86 lbs
  • May 6th        Marcy Wilcox                      9.85 lbs           
  • May 7th        Mitch Newell                    20.89 lbs
  • May 8th        Dave Coopsie                13.58 lbs         
  • May 9th        James Baluch                17.61 lbs         
  • May 10th      Marilea Sharpe                7.31 lbs
  • May 11th      Cindy Ingram                 14.21 lbs
  • May 12th      Mike Rumig                    11.33 lbs
  • May 13th      John Goats                     11.64 lbs
  • May 14th      Jacob Snell                       7.12 lbs
  • May 15th      Soeren Hansen             19.59 lbs
  • May 16th      Jacob Snell                    14.63 lbs
  • May 17th      Mark Treacy                    13.16 lbs
  • May 21st      Duane Braaten              26.51 lbs
  • May 22nd     Clayton Wright                12.16 lbs
  • May 23rd      Ryan Ramsdale            18.22 lbs
  • May 24th      Rob Wong                       15.10 lbs
  • May 25th      Mark Thorpe                    11.70 lbs         
  • May 26th      Randy Melton                  10.73 lbs
  • May 29th      Mike Revenberg              12.23 lbs
  • May 30th      Mike Revenberg              12.60 lbs
  • May 31st      Gib McEbeach                21.38 lbs

The sun finally came out today, yeah! Tim and Brian Lakey from Spokane, took full advantage of the weather this morning. Brian unfortunately lost a fish after fighting a Seal for 25 minutes, but that’s OK because they still came back with 2 Chinooks( 12.74 and 10.56 lbs).

 Another Father/Son duo had a great morning. I’ll let Preston and Peter tell you how their morning went…  

The weather has been wet, but the fishing has been fabulous!
~ Caylin