Dock Talk

3 Ladies, 1 Lucky Girl

Painter's Lodge - September 30, 2011

Heather, Amy and Tricia set of this morning bundled up and ready for their fishing adventure with Keith. Little did anyone know they were going to come home with a Tyee. 
Richard was the first guide to return to the dock; he had 2 chums but informed me that Keith would be coming back with a 25 pounder… Sweet.  When Keith boat tied to the dock the ladies jumped off and started weighing the mornings catch. Heather had a 12.4 pound chum and Amy’s a 6 pound chum. When Tricia’s “25” pounder was on the scale everyone watching, guides included, were pleasantly surprised to see 30.3! Congratulations Tricia’s you are now a proud member of the Captain’s Club, enjoy your bragging rights.
The wildlife tour this morning also had a great time. Meeting up with a Humpback Whale in Eagles Cove, near the north end of Quadra Island was a great way to end the tour.
~ Caylin