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2015 Salmon Fishing Outlook Campbell River

Last year was an amazing year for fishing in Campbell River, and there’s good reason to believe that 2015 will be another productive year for salmon fishing. Here’s the early-season fishing outlook for Campbell River:

  • Chinook: Good fishing for Chinook salmon is expected to continue in 2015, as stocks from all the main contributing rivers are in strong shape. Although numbers of older and larger Chinook are expected to decrease slightly, high numbers of 3 year old fish in the 7 – 16 lb range are forecasted for the area. The larger migrating Chinook begin to travel through Discovery Passage in June and continue until early September.
  • Coho: Coho returns were good in most places, with signs that the rebuilding trend is continuing. Anglers should anticipate some productive Coho fishing in 2015 come summertime. Small retainable Coho begin to appear in June and only get larger as the season progresses, with the run peaking in September and October.
  • Pink: 2015 is a Pink salmon year. A large return is expected for Campbell River area, providing excellent fishing opportunities in the surrounding waters. Pink salmon begin to appear in early July. The run peaks in August and is generally finished by early September.

  • Chum: The outlook is for a significant improvement in Chum salmon fishing over 2014. Chum salmon begin to appear in mid to late September and continue strong until November.
  • Sockeye: As in every year it is difficult to predict the number of Sockeye. Openings aren’t announced until migrating fish begin to appear and they can get a better estimation of the run size.

Best Times to Fish in Campbell River for Variety of Salmon

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