Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada

Photographers at Painter's

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Do you love photography? Do you wish you could learn advanced techniques and get hands on training from the pros? Then you're invited to join us for Photographer's at Painter's! The event features weekend-long photography classes and workshops in Campbell River at beautiful Painter's Lodge. 

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Photographers at Painter's is hosted at the start of May each year. Amateur photographers and photography enthusiasts join some of the best photographers British Columbia has to offer for a series of classes and workshops like no other.

Photographers show spectators the tricks of the trade, and amateur photographers even have a chance to have their work critiqued by the professionals. The event also includes a gallery of some of the newest and most exciting photos taken by the presenters.

For anyone who’s interested in photography, this is a can’t miss event.

Last year's topics included:

  • Garth L image

Garth Lenz (

Join Garth as he shares his experiences using photography to promote conservation issues. Garth will talk about the power of photography to motivate change, and the techniques and strategies to fund the work, produce the images, and use them to motivate and educate. Learn about the aesthetic and technical challenges of producing conservation photography images from the ground and the air, as well as finding beauty in some surprising places. Get tips on how you can use a conservation issue you care about to inspire a rewarding photo project.

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Andy Clark (

The Search for Daily Life Photos

Photographing daily life has been and still is a major component of photojournalism. Join Andy, a veteran photojournalist, as he offers valuable insights and tips into observing and photographing everyday human interest moments.

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Mike Wooding (

Avian and Dragonfly Photography on Location and in Your Backyard

Mike will discuss the techniques and equipment he uses to create award winning images of birds with special emphasis on backyard set-ups using a simple tray feeder, native plants as perches and an inexpensive blind. He will also cover bird photography in the field and share some of his favorite locations, for both perched and in-flight images of raptors and waterfowl. Finally you will be introduced to the wonderful world of dragonfly photography and learn the tricks of capturing these amazing creatures up close and in flight.

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Boomer Jerritt (

Visual Design

All visual artists whether they be painters, sculptors, illustrators, landscape designers, interior designers or graphic designers all rely on the proper use of visual design in their chosen category to bridge the gap of understanding between viewer and creator, and Photography is no different in this regard. Join Boomer Jerritt in this lively 1.5 hr lecture on composition and visual design and learn how elements and principles of design work together with organization of picture space to help create clarity and visual power in your images.

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Dave Pollock (

The Landscape : Creating a Series

Photography at its best represents encounters with our environment through the filters of this mechanistic medium, the photographer and the viewer.

Working with chance is central to photographic picture making. Being prepared is a combination of technique, art experience and curiosity. David will introduce these three elements by discussing how he develops a project, the circumstances that surround some images and what keeps him motivated and enthused. You will see examples from a number of series he has completed, some works in progress and examples of the works of photographers that have inspired him.

”Your own photography is never enough. Every photographer who has lasted has depended on other peoples pictures too – photographs that may be public or private, serious or funny, but that carry with them a reminder of community.”-Robert Adams writing in ‘Why People Photograph’

  • Mitch Stringer Photography (1 of 1)

Mitch Stringer (

Travel Photography with One Lens

Taking an arsenal of lenses with you when you travel doesn’t necessarily have to be your only choice. Join Mitch as he discusses the advantages and freedom associated with traveling with only one lens. Mitch will discuss choices of lenses to consider, methodologies when using one lens only, techniques and considerations required to obtain the most benefits when enjoying the freedom of knowing you only have one lens to select from. With only moments to capture an image, instead of debating which lens would be best to try to attach to your camera you will appreciate the confidence you will feel in just proceeding with creating the images. This seminar will introduce you to techniques, tools and choices for travel photography with one lens.

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Tony Bounsall (

5 Essential iPhone apps (and how to use them)

iPhoneography or mobile photography is quickly becoming one of the most popular and exciting ways of creating compelling digital images. Both advertising,editorial and stock images are all now being created on iPhones! Learn the 5 essential photography apps that will help you to create wonderful portrait, landscape and travel images.

*Please note that most of these app will not run on Android phones so only iPhone & iPad users will find this presentation useful and insightful.

  • Duane Prentice Image

Duane Prentice (

All Photographers Become Publishers

The photo-book industry has capitalized on the advances of digital technology in the design and production of visual publishing. In this workshop, photographer and photo-book collector Duane Prentice will walk through the process, outlining how to take your personal project from initial concept to producing a book and discuss production, marketing and pitfalls to avoid along the way. The current photography marketplace is filled with hundreds of small imprints from the lone photographer offering 25 copies of a handmade book to small presses dealing in editions of 500 to 1,000. If you have ever considered taking your personal project from your USB flash drive to a new level, whether that be a book to share with friends or to market online, this introductory seminar will help budding authors peel back the dust jacket of the publishing process.

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Hélène Cyr (

Photographing a Wedding: From start to finish

Join Hélène as she discusses her approach to capturing the wedding day with confidence. From the first contact with the couple to the final images. What does the photographer need to consider when trying to create strong, creative images of this most important day and to make the entire process as smooth as possible.

Hélène will discuss the workflow starting from the office meeting onto the location photography. There will be a short slide show of images discussing the ‘before and after’s’ and why some images work while others may not, whether it's due to the light, the composition or possibly the moment. The seminar will be followed by a Q&A.

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Gregg Eligh (

So, What Else Can I Do With My Speedlight Flash?

The Speedlight we all have tucked away in our camera bags is a multi-functional tool, and an integral part of being a versatile photographer. It does more than simply illuminate a subject in low light conditions. It can be used to illustrate speed, motion, energy. This workshop shows how we can do more with our portable, Speedlight to further our creative imagery and expand our skills at controlling the options for shooting. We’ll look at illustrating speed and motion, creating motion and energy, freezing motion & action, creating a story about light and how we can use it in our own controlled style. For those who are intimidated by their flashes, or want to expand their uses and abilities with it, come and explore the energy of light.

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Jesse Hlady (

Life is crazy & ready for it!

Join Jesse as he discusses his take on spur-of-the-moment portraiture sessions. ‘This talk will explore some of my favorite spontaneous opportunities in portraiture, how I prepare for the unexpected and how to create an opportunity for yourself.’

  • Jenna

Jenna Shouldice (

Join Jenna as she shares her experience documenting women in labour. Photographing birth is a very intimate process, and Jenna will talk about how this work can be a valuable edition to the parent’s experience. From how to work with your body to inspire comfort and confidence, overcoming insecurities and doubts, to the editing process, Jenna will discuss the foundations of shooting such intimate subject matter.

Warning: Nudity and body parts associated with birth will be very much present and expected during this seminar. Discretion is advised.

  • Tristan

Tristan Shouldice (

Join Tristan and Jenna as they discuss the inclusion of audio and video into your storytelling projects. Learn when to choose video over stills and vis versa, how audio selection can enhance the viewers experience, and how to go about building a multimedia project. They will also go over the different tools at your disposal for thinking outside of the still image alone.