Dock Talk

Women's Derby

Painter's Lodge - June 21, 2005

It was quite a weekend with the ladies here for the 13th Annual Women's Fishing Derby! A rainy start didn't dampen the enthusiasm and there were some fabulous fish brought to the cleaning table. The winner this year was a silvery 26 lb. Chinook and there were several others close to that size. The most bizarre catch has to be a 48 lb. halibut - the second of the season! - I wonder if there was a special prize for that catch?! The guides fished various favorite spots and all were producing Chinooks for our ladies - the Lighthouse of course, and Brown's Bay, Deepwater Bay, Greensea Bay, and some secret spots that I couldn't pry out of those wily guides! All in all a very successful and busy weekend - the ladies seemed happy as always and are already making plans for next year's derby! Stay tuned for more reel info..... ~meg~