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Another Tyee joins the 34 club! What is with that number? Take a read here on the most recent entrant into the Tyee club....

There are fun times in the old Tyee Pool as the rowboat fishery has taken a turn for the better. August 29th saw new member Shamra McLellan land the fourth Tyee of the season when she brought in a 34.5 pounder as darkness fell over Tyee Spit. This ties her for the lead in the race to be Tyee Man trophy but she’s in front in the race for the Lillian J. Sparrow trophy for the biggest fish landed by a woman. Her guide was Quadra Island’s own Rick Hakkannen, who is the first rower of the season to register a fish landed on a spoon.
So far today four undersize fish have been landed and another three were landed Tuesday evening. This may account for the congested conditions out in the Pool as there were 43 boats out jockeying for position last night. It was a ballet of near misses and sudden turns and as a rower you had to keep on your toes at all times. But everyone just smiles and says. “Oops, sorry,” as they row out of each other’s way. Shout out, “Fish On!” and the boats will scatter in a flash, making sure not to be “That Guy” who causes someone to lose the fish of a lifetime. It is all so very polite.

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Shamra's evening Tyee weighed in at 34.5 lbs.

She is in the running for the Tyee Man trophy and in the lead for the Lillian J. Sparrow trophy- awarded to the woman with the largest Tyee.

Many times when you talk to someone who has recently landed a Tyee, the response is, “Well, we got lucky.” Fair enough, but it is skill that gets a fish on the hook, and luck when it is a big fish that bites it. With that said, guide Randy Killoran and his regular guest Dale Kashuba put on quite a display of skill and luck this afternoon. Randy loves to fish spoons off the south corner of the sand bar during the first half of the flood, which can be very successful. Problem is, the first push of the flood can be a nightmare of weeds, which is where a good rodman comes in. The angler has to be able to pull in his line, clear the weeds and get it back out in a hurry as the rower works the oars in order to hold the boat in its position. If you can get 2 minutes of weedless fishing in a row, consider yourself lucky. Randy and Dale have been performing this tightrope act for years now and have hooked numerous Tyee doing it. And at 12:30 on September 2nd, they did it again when they registered a 30.5 pound tyee. That was where the skill came in.

So they register the fish and realize that the tide is still set up quite nicely, and back out they go. At 1:30, lightning struck again as they landed their second fish of the day, another 30.5 pound fish. Bookends. This is the first Daily Double of the season and the first in a number of years. In the end, you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good.

No photos have been posted on the Tyee Clubs website... stay tuned though for an update!

Until next week, keep on rowing

Dwayne Mustard