Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
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Even with all the unseasonable rain and wind we've been seeing, there's always a reason to appreciate the natural beauty we are surrounded by. These photos were taken by Bradden Kiley, a zodiak driver and tour guide here at Painter's Lodge, who was kind enough to share the following update!

The dolphins were in Nodales Channel, in a huge, playful group of about 60! They followed us for while before putting on an air show, jumping wildly around the boat and not letting us leave.

The whales in the photos are the Transient pod's T101 and T102. We saw three males and one female

Lastly, an eagle out for a meal took interest in hunting down a seagull! He did eventually take it down mid-air after an epic ten minute chase overhead.

Big thanks to Bradden for the inside look! And, for guests or locals hoping to experience our Wildlife tours, boats go out daily! Call 250-286-1102 and ask for the Marine Center to get all the up to date information.