Dock Talk

Wildlife and fishing report

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 14, 2006

On today’s Wildlife Adventure Tour, we saw a big deer swimming across the channel. It ran into some trouble when it tried to swim through a whirlpool. Luckily it got out and back to safety.

Guests on this morning’s whale watching tour saw at least 15 Orcas up in the Nodales Channel. These tours have been extremely successful in the last couple of days — it's like the whales are putting on a show! Some whale watching trips have even spotted perenially-shy black bears. Add in the picnic lunch on the beach and it's no wonder these trips are so popular.

Anne Newman and Bill McCameron are tied for catching the biggest fish in the last couple days. They each brought in beautiful 24 pound Chinooks.

The weather seems to be looking up for the next couple days. Hope to see you all soon up here at April Point.

Megan at April Point