Dock Talk

What? A Halibut?

Painter's Lodge - June 10, 2010

As most of you already know, Painter’s Lodge is world famous for our Salmon fishing. On very special occasions we have a Halibut come in to the dock. On Tuesday that special occasion happened to Brad English. 

Yup, Brad caught himself an 83 lbs Halibut just south of Quadra Island. Now because our guides are fishing for salmon they don’t have the proper gear to deal with such large fish. Example; it doesn’t even fit in the fishing net! It took a while to get the fish in the boat and cleaned on the dock but, Bruce Kirby, one of veteran fishing guides did a wonderful job of making sure Brad got bring his epic catch back to the dock to show it off. 


LOL, our scale wasn't even tall enough to weight the fish!

~ Caylin