Dock Talk

The fishing has been unreal...

Painter's Lodge - July 2, 2009

The fishing has been unreal for the past four weeks. Our guides have been finding fish all around the south end of Quadra Island. During early June the was a large mass of Chinook around the Oyster River area. These fish have now moved in closer to us at Painter’s Lodge and April Point. This has meant great fishing closer to home.

In the last week we’ve seen record numbers of tyees hitting the dock. Notable mentions go to:

  • Dan Oldham — 27 lbs
  • Heather Richardson — 34 lbs
  • Joe Murphy — 26 lbs
  • Tanner Zelink — 30 lbs and 25 lbs
  • Crutis koepke — 28 lb halibut
  • John Rawe — 33 lbs
  • Maralyn Butt — 33.7 lbs
  • Ray Mattinson — 33 lbs
  • Jim Jewitt — 30 lbs

With the great fishing has come weeks of beautiful skies. Its bright and sunny everyday, it seems, and the bite seems to continue everyday. In addition to great Chinook fishing, we’re looking forward to a very strong return of Pinks and Sockeye. We’re expecting Sockeye to open during the late part of July, and DFO should be letting us know very soon. These fish will be coming through the inside passage in the MILLIONS. I can hear the fish cooler staff screaming already…

Tight lines,

Dave Gosnell
Marine Operations Manager
Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa