Dock Talk

The Fish Just Keep on Coming!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 3, 2013

Each of our guides has their own techniques and strategies. They’re all unique and have their own style. Despite these differences, they can all agree on one thing: The fishing right now is excellent.

Every boat is bringing buckets of fish to the dock. There are still plenty of big Chinook out there and loads of Coho. We’ve even seen a few Pinks as well. Looking for something other than salmon? We continue to see a good number of lingcod and the odd halibut. In fact, a couple of guests from April Point went fishing specifically for cod last week. They came back with three lingcod and two rock cod, so you really do have your choice.

Of course, most people hope to catch a big salmon and there have certainly been plenty of those. We’ve seen plenty of salmon in the 15-25 pound range, and just last week there was another Tyee caught at April Point.

One particularly good fishing story occurred last week when the Wheelers, a couple who came here for their anniversary, caught four Chinooks and several Coho over two days. The weather wasn’t ideal but it didn’t stop these two from having fun. They were elated with their fish, which included a beautiful 20 pounder. We here at Painter’s Lodge were thrilled to help me make sure they had a wonderful anniversary and were so glad they had a great time.

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Catch you later,