Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
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Here at Painter's Lodge, we send out dozens of boats per week. We gas them up, fill them with eager new and old fishermen, and send them out on the Ocean to try their hand at reeling in the catch of the day!

But there's a lot that goes into making that trip happen, so in this segment of Dock Talk, Dwayne explains the importance of upkeeping your boat and fishing gear.

"It has reached the time of year when your gear should be just about broken in!

In fact, if you are anything like me, much of your gear is just getting broken. Rods are missing eyes, leaders are getting frayed and hooks start to get rusty. It is the time of year when you need to do an inventory review and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Reels should get a fresh coating of grease and you should think about replacing snaps and swivels, because there is nothing more frustrating than losing a fish due to mechanical failure.

While you’re at it, get out your tool box and give your boat a once over, as well. Every boat should have a tool kit with a set of metric flat wrenches, a crescent wrench that is big enough to undo the nut on your propeller and a multi-bit screwdriver (because every fisherman has at least one screw loose). Add in a set of vise grips and a roll of duct tape and you should are pretty much prepared for any mechanical emergency. Oh, and some electrical tape. And maybe some WD-40. And a 9/16 inch flat wrench for your downrigger…you’ll find out why.

Once you’ve given your boat a good go over you will probably want to head out to the Hump, the Lighthouse or the Green Can because the Chinook fishing continues to be on fire. Make sure you have plenty of plugs as they are currently the lure of choice for most of the Painter’s Lodge guides. Many of the guides pull the towing pin on their Tomic plugs and then pass the line through the plug before putting on a bead and a swivel with a siwash hook. There is much argument as to the size of hook you should use…many guides like a big 7/0 hook because it digs right in when the fish hits it, I prefer a smaller, lighter 3/0 hook because it allows the plug to dart around more quickly. So with hook size the choices are action or traction, it’s all up to you.

Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishin'."

Dwayne Mustard