Dock Talk

The Best Season of All

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - June 22, 2012

Happy first official weekend of summer!

Painter’s Lodge guest, Mark Kamel, has a reason to celebrate the season. He brought home a 29.5 lb. Chinook this morning – the largest fish of the week.  Blair Mattison  follows second overall with a 22.9 lb. salmon from Thursday (not bad on top of a 15.8 lb. salmon from the day before) and Karlista Rickerson deserves a mention for reeling in 4 fish on Wednesday; her largest being 16 lbs. All of these were caught on the AM tide.

In a few hours there will be catches galore to report, for as we speak the ladies participating in our 20th Annual Women’s Derby are on their first fishing trip of the weekend. They all arrived at the Lodge this afternoon, ate a quick lunch, then it was off to the races! The weather outside is somewhat frightful but that’s nothing. Some of these women have attended all 20 derbies; so whatever the rain is doing, they’ve probably seen worse.

On Thursday a grade 5/6 class from a local elementary school had an end-of-the-year field trip to Painter's Lodge for an Adventure Wildlife Tour on our zodiacs. Half the fun of this day out came in putting on their survival suits. (Picture Randy from A Christmas Story rolling around on his back, struggling to get up.)

At April Point Resort & Spa, Dave Ashton Trio performed in the Dining Room as part of Jazz at The Point on Tuesday.  During their performance two cruise ships sailed past the resort about 20 minutes apart. Both ships were travelling south, the second one completely empty and on its way to pick up passengers in Vancouver.

That same evening, I had fun observing a group of friends having a blast fishing off the April Point dock at sunset. Mere moments after one young man dropped his line; he felt a tug and pulled up a ling cod. After I took his photo with it, he made sure to throw it back as it still had some growing to do under the sea.

Congratulations to Jennifer and Oliver who will be exchanging vows at April Point tomorrow!

See you in a few,