Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada

The Best Bait is a Good Attitude

May 11th 2015

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It is no surprise to me why anglers continue to come back to Painter’s Lodge; the fishing is great, the guides are great, and the surroundings are beautiful.

It is just as evident to me why staff continue to return each season - the guests who come to Painter’s Lodge are just as fantastic.

This week we had Cindy and Greg Tieperman in from Texas. This couple could not have been more fun, outgoing, and appreciative. Greg is currently the deserving leader of our Spring Fling Derby, with a catch of 25 lbs. Incidentally; Greg is also our runner up with his 23 lb salmon, and coming in 5th so far, Cindy is hot on his heels with 18lbs. As if catching a bunch of salmon wasn’t enough, they also caught, against all odds, a bird. That is one deep diving bird!

No matter the weather; this couple brought sunshine to the docks of Painter’s Lodge. Their positive and uplifting attitude was so infectious; it had all the dock and marine staff smiling. Even the wildlife couldn’t get enough of these two! On their first fishing trip, they bumped into Orca’s spy hoping – which is basically an Orca’s way of checking out what’s going on above water. I can only imagine the Tieperman positivity radiated down into the water, much to the intrigue of these magnificent creatures.

They also had the thrilling experience of watching an eagle swoop down to the dock to retrieve their salmon fish head – much to the chagrin of the one thousand seagulls that had a similar but less dominant game plan.

Just goes to show you, the best bait for a great salmon is a great attitude!

Thanks again Greg and Cindy for coming out to Painter’s Lodge. We hope to see you back again!