Dock Talk

Superpods (whales) and super catches (salmon)

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 5, 2007

This week was a great one for both fishermen and whale watchers.

Just yesterday we were visited by a pod of 120 Killer whales known as the “Superpod”. They came down the passage to the enjoyment of all of our tours and most of our fishing guests as well. Even though the orcas managed to gobble up some guests’s salmon, they were still pretty happy to see the whales pass by.

Some beautiful Chinook were caught this week. Congratulations to the following fisherman for some great catches:

  • Mario Khezuk — 28 lb. Chinook
  • Sarah Salluzzo — 22 lb. Chinook
  • Mindy Stewart — 25 lb. Chinook
  • Greg Blair — 23 lb. Chinook

We have also been seeing some nice size hatchery Coho coming and hopefully that continues as they put up a great fight!

Painter’s Lodge Marine Centre