Dock Talk

Sunshine Welcome!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 16, 2006

We've finally got some much needed sunshine. The last two days have been beautiful, and the weather is only going to get better as the week goes on.

Although we did have a Pink or two come in, the Chinook is still coming in strong. The hot spot this week seems to be Browns Bay. Eric Tate got the biggest fish today, with a 23.5 pounder, and Diana McAillstar is close behind with a 21 pounder.

The Adventure Tours have been wonderful, they've seen everything from deer to dolphins. There were four black bears on the coast of the Mainland, a mother and some adorable little cubs. There are several Orca pods hanging around in the Nodales Channel. The tour also got up close and personal with some Pacific White Sided Dolpins.

Hope to see you all soon!!!

Megan Lane