Dock Talk


Painter's Lodge - May 22, 2011

Isn’t it weird how Sundays really feel like Sundays? You know, a Tuesday and Wednesday can feel the same but a Sunday never feels like anything but a Sunday.
We had the Transient Orcas travel past this morning but didn’t get a chance to capture them; this is upsetting because I wanted to use my new zoom lens but that’s OK, I’ll get them another time. We had a few nice fish hit the docks and a Zodiac is going on a Rapids Tour this afternoon. 
Brunch had a great turnout as usual. The Tyee Pub was of course packed with Canucks Fans; you could hear the cheers throughout the main Lodge. Be sure to join us Tuesday at 6:00pm for game 5 and don’t forget to proudly wear your blue and green!
~ Caylin