Dock Talk


Painter's Lodge - August 22, 2010

Sunday’s are my favorites around Painter’s and April Point. Everyone’s usually packing up and heading home. Float planes and shuttles full of guests wishing they weren’t leaving. There are also lots of locals that go over on the water taxi for lunch at April Point, or stay at Painter’s for their famous Sunday Brunch.  
We are still being swarmed by Sockeye on the docks and of course the Chinook are still hanging around; you just need to try and find them in between all the Sockeye. Mike Rocco found a 19.14 pounder this morning. He just barley caught the fish through its tummy. “It felt like a Tyee when I was reeling it up.” That's because the fish was coming up sideways.
Last night, Chris Starycki took the second place spot away from Steve Szilagyi in the August Heat Derby Ladder with a 32.98 lb. Tyee.
The Wildlife Tour this morning saw 6 bears in three hours. When I asked the guide where he saw them Jeff said “they were everywhere!” The thrill seeking Rapids Tour just set sail for the afternoon. I hope the rain holds out for them.
~ Caylin