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Waiting in the water, among the bottomfish, crab and bait balls, lies the coveted Chinook. He's not always easy to catch, and if you do catch him, bringing him to the boat is a whole other challenge, but this Summer, the Springs are biting! Even when there's an ample supply of dogfish taking the hook, even when the Pinks and the Coho are competing to eat your bait- on the dock, we still see Chinook. Take Maddy's four beauty fish for example... they were caught this morning!

Dwayne Mustard elaborates...

August continues to deliver quality Chinook fishing even in the middle of the huge pink salmon run we are experiencing. From Chatham Point right down to the Green Can anglers are hooking big springs along with plenty of pinks and the occasional hatchery Coho. Up North, the anchovy/teaser head combo continues to be the presentation of choice but big white glowy hoochies like the pistachio are also delivering the goods. Browns Bay, the Deepwater Wall and even the north side of Plumper Bay have all been great places to stop and catch the first light bite and 120’ of downrigger cable is a good starting point. Hookset your pink salmon with authority because you never know when that light tap on your rod might be a monster Chinook.

Thurston Bay, Greensea Bay and Chatham Point have all been giving up Springs and Pinks with Chatham Point fishing especially well with the first push of the flood. Once again, anchovies rule the day.
Fishing an anchovy south of town will also produce results but not the type you are looking for, unless you actually like reeling in dogfish. The Hump seems to have cooled down but The Green Can is still holding plenty of nice Chinook. If you are looking for something different, try fishing Butler’s just off the beach at the southeast corner of Quadra Island. The waters here are only about 40’ deep and a 5” tomic plug trolled on 30’ of downrigger cable may produce Coho as well as the occasional Chinook. These fish surface quickly then give you a big battle on the top of the water and are too much fun!

Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishin’

Dwayne Mustard