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Spring2 and Women's Derby Results

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - June 18, 2008

Vancouver Island salmon fishingIt was an exciting weekend at Painter's Lodge and April Point. Both resorts got to share the fishing excitement as the 1st annual Spring2 Derby wraped up on Friday and the 16th annual Women's Derby concluded on Monday.

The Spring2 Derby saw a great start to the season with lots of Chinook being caught close to the lodge, the largest of which was landed by Ken Hayhurst. He caught a 31 lb. 8 oz. Chinook and landed himself a trip to Langara Island.   2nd place went to Marty Steel, fishing from April Point Resort & Spa, with a 28 lb. 12 oz. Spring. In third place was Marshall Chaffee with a 28 lber! Congratulations to all!

Of course a special mention goes to all the women who came back to Painters Lodge for the Women's Derby. These ladies make this a very exciting and special weekend for our staff and especially the guides. It always fun to see the familiar faces on the dock!

Of course we should talk about the fishing: Our first trip on Friday night was an exciting one, with a high pressure system and high winds, most stuck it out down at the Lighthouse and some were rewarded with some very nice Chinook.

The next morning began at 6am and everyone hit the calm waters. It was a beautiful day and we were rewarded. 1st place went to Mary Ann Platz with a 37 lb. 1 oz. Chinook! Other notable catches include Bev Sayers with a 22 lb. 11oz. Chinook; Susan Wallis with a 21 lb. 6 oz. Chinook;, Marguerite Guay had two: 20 lb. 13 oz. and 12 lb. 13 oz.; and Leah Mihalchan landed a nice pair of Chinook as well.

Congrats to every one and we can't wait until next year. And remember, when fishin at the hump, keep your gear on the bottom...

Tight lines,

Dave Gosnell
Marine Operations Manager
Painter’s Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa

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