Dock Talk

Spring has sprung and the reels are spinning!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - April 20, 2007

The lodge has been open for just over a week, but things are in full swing.

Salmon fishing is off to a great start — Mr. Potvin caught a beautiful 20 lb Chinook up in Deepwater Bay.

The wildlife tours have been wonderful. There have been serval transient Orcas coming through the Discovery Passage over the last week, a rare treat for April. We think this is due to an abundance of sea lions; since sea lions are a tasty treat for transient whales, the Orcas couldn’s stay away. Some of the wildlife tours even had the oppurtunty to watch the whales feast on the sea lions.

Whales aren't the only animals out and about. Bears were spotted on the beach having a snack and the beaches are thriving with seals and eagles munching on some fish.

Thanks for checking in, have a wonderful day and we hope to see up here soon!

Megan Lane
April Point Resort & Spa