Dock Talk

Soggy Skies

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - July 15, 2011

Rain keeps falling like a curse. This does NOT stop us. We may not like it but we deal with it. We put on our rain boots, our jackets and pants of sunshine yellow and carry on. Dress warm, bring dry socks.
The Painter’s Lodge and April Point Crew make the best of the rainy days... you can’t let the Mother Nature get you down. Find a puddle; jump in it.
Mauro from Belgium had no issues fishing off the April Point dock on his 10th Birthday This afternoon. Joined by his father and siblings, they all smiled and replied yes when asked if they were enjoying their stay. 
Our CB Ellis group fished 8 hours today in the soggy weather. Their biggest was 18 lbs. caught by Trevor Schmidt.  
Beach combers still combed, the eagle still stood guard on the flag pole and fisherman still caught fish, so don’t let the falling water take you down with it. Get geared up and make the best of it!
~ Caylin, singing in the rain