Dock Talk

Sockeye, Sockeye, and more Sockeye

Painter's Lodge - August 21, 2010

Holy Sockeye. All day long we have been having boats limiting out and coming back to the dock early.  I have never seen so many sockeye’s. The cooler crew has been working there butts off non-stop all day long with bins of fish coming in every couple of hours. I even lugged a few VERY heavy bins up to the cooler today. Usually we get hit like this with the pinks; which should be coming back from the river any time now. 
Anthony Minniti was one of the luckies to catch a Chinook today. He caught himself a 23.3 pounder.  
Congratulations to Collen & Echo Middleton.  They narowly missed the rain this morning during there wedding.  I don't like to be bias but this was by far my favorite wedding so far this year. Very classy.
It’s been a long time but the rain is finally creeping in on us. It’s not pouring yet but it’s coming too cool us off.
~ Covered in Sockeye goop, Caylin