Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
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Painter’s Lodge Fishing Report

As the days get shorter and the mornings get chillier the attentions of many drift away from fishing. At home the kids are back in school and gardens need tending while the outdoorsy types are preparing for hunting season, whether it be deer or mushrooms. But don’t overlook the great saltwater fishing opportunities that Campbell River has to offer this time of year. There has been excellent fishing south of town for Coho Salmon especially along the Wilby Shoals drop off that runs between Francisco Point and the Green Can. There have been huge schools of herring along the edge of the Shoals that have been attracting everything from harbour porpoise to humpback whales. Running a four-inch tomic plug on 70 feet of downrigger cable is sure to hook Coho and there are quite a few hatchery fish in the mix so you should be able to get one for the table.

North of town the action is a little bit slower but the rewards are more explosive as there are still a few big migrating Chinooks to be found. Anchovy remains the best option for hooking these big late season fish and the wall at Deepwater Bay has been one of the best spots, especially at the first push of the flood time. Every trip out seems to see more and more Chum salmon so you might want to try stacking your rods on the downrigger. Try an anchovy down deep with a pink hoochie up above and you may just hook into the best of both worlds, a Spring for the barbeque and some Chum for the smoker.

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Tyee Report

It seems that Mother Nature has been saving the best for last with regard to the Tyee Pool as the last few days have been nothing short of spectacular. First of all the weather has been as wonderful as it gets for this time of year, with bluebird skies, light winds, gentle tides and brilliant sunsets. And the fishing has been as good as it has been for a couple of seasons. Everywhere you look there are fish rolling and jumping and the first light and last light bites have been fast and furious. Tuesday night saw a flurry of hook-ups as the light was dying and right in the middle of it was wily veteran rower, Ross Spiers. He teamed up with his favourite angler Paula Davis and the two of them managed to bring a nice 32 ½ pounder to the Tyee Club scale.

Yesterday morning the skies were equally as clear but the air was chilly and tipped with dew. But that didn’t stop another veteran rower, Roy Grant, from hitting the water. Holding the rod was Tim Samuels and at 6:35 they hooked into a 31 ½ pounder. This brings the season’s total to 13 and with the way things have been going for the last few days, who knows how many fish will be registered before things end for the season when darkness falls tonight. Maybe this year’s Tyee Man fish remains to be caught.

Until tomorrow, keep on rowing

Dwayne Mustard