Painter's Lodge - Campbell River, British Columbia, V9W 4S5, Canada
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Along with the cooler temperatures and darker mornings comes the changes to fishing regulations. In this segment of Dock Talk, Dwayne discusses where you can find fish and what you will need to keep an eye out for!

"Where has the summer gone? We are already staring the Labour Day Long Weekend in the face and the kids are grumbling about heading back to school. This can only mean that the run of migratory Chinook salmon which passes through Area 13 every year will soon be coming to an end. If you want to hook some of these big salmon before the end comes, your best bet is to head north through Seymour Narrows and drop your gear down in Browns Bay or Deepwater Bay. If you have a little more time for your fishing adventure then you really should head farther north to Chatham Point, Greensea Bay or Thurston Point. Of course there are still some big Campbell River Chinook in front of town but this week’s rains will probably have those fish heading for the River in short order. Remember that September 1st saw the lifting of the Lighthouse closure so heading south of town might also be a productive option.

September also sees the beginning of the Northern Coho run. These hooked nose spawning Coho are pound for pound the best fighters of the salmon family and are quite often hooked up shallow. Separation Head and the Deepwater boundary are often a good places to look for these 12 to 20 pound beasts and an anchovy or small pink hoochie will tempt them to strike. For added fun troll a bucktail fly behind the boat right in the prop wash. Although the strikes won’t come often, they sure are exciting when they happen. Please remember that only hatchery Coho with a clipped adipose fin may be retained so play the fish quickly and try to avoid netting the wild ones. Pop the hooks out of their mouths and let them go on their way toward making the next generation.

Until next week, tight lines and keep on fishing"

Dwayne Mustard