Dock Talk

Salmon Capital of the World Lives Up to its Name!

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - September 17, 2001

All recent fishing reports from Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort indicate that it's been a great September in Campbell River. Although the average sized Chinook reaches the high teens, a 41 lb. beauty was napped earlier in the week. Coho continue to be strong in the area including non-retention wild Coho in the high teens and low twenties. Hatchery Coho, a retention fish, are making an appearance on the docks. Extremely large Pinks (10 plus pounds!) are plentiful in the area and with Chum in the high teens, anglers are catching and keeping four types of salmon. Fishing anywhere from 10-40 meters with flasher-hoochie combos, and pink, green and white gatorbacks, anglers are having the most success at spots like Butlers, Green Sea and Thurston. Don't miss out on all the action! Resorts are open through October!