Dock Talk

Registered Tyee

Painter's Lodge and April Point Resort & Spa - August 19, 2011

Jan Debruyn reeled in this year’s first registered Tyee last night at approximately 8:20 pm. With the help of rowing veteran Bruce “The Goose” Aikman, these guys fought their catch for half an hour before netting it and getting it in the boat.  Once on shore the fish was weighed and logged in as 39.5 lbs. Jan’s Tyee is the largest Chinook registered to date this season at the Campbell River Tyee Club. He also has been registered in our Captains Club AND is our August Heat Derby Leader.   Congratulations Jan!
Fishing has been so phenomenal this week; I can barely keep up with all the guests and pictures. With boats continually returning the dock early with their limit on board, it makes for one busy dock. Pinks, Sockeye and Chinooks, we even had our first stubborn Chum of the season!
~ Caylin