Dock Talk

Quinn's Catch

Painter's Lodge - July 10, 2011

Fishing has been bountiful the past few days. We’ve had boats return to the docks early with their limits before I even get a chance to get my coffee in the morning (8:00 am). 9 year old Quinn caught an 18 pound Chinook on his first annual father son fishing trip. He was all smiles on the dock this afternoon.
Our Wildlife tours (and fisherman) have been spotting Transient Orcas. They’ve also been seeing lots of black bears feeding on the beaches at low tide, Porpoises and Dolphins. The Ocean Rapids tour get their usual flock of Eagles feeding on the Hake (small fish) as well as all the wildlife listed above, bonus! If you don’t like boats you can always just stand on the dock and seals, eagles and even Orcas if you’re lucky!
~ Caylin