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Property of Painter's Lodge

Painter's Lodge - September 27, 2012

In 1967 Butch Dunstan began as a fishing guide at Painter’s Lodge. It was at his job that he met his future wife, Terri, who was hired as a waitress in 1970. The young couple married in 1973 and briefly left their jobs at Painter’s that same year but soon returned. Terri assumed the role of Dining Room Manager and Butch took on a role as Dock Supervisor and worked in maintenance. In 1975 Butch and Terri had their first son, Geord, and in 1977 moved a trailer onto the property that they could live in (it was located where the 500 building now stands). In the years following, their second and third sons, Joel and Geoff, were born. The family was on the grounds when the original lodge burned down on Christmas Eve ’85 and were part of the package when Oak Bay Marine Group purchased the new Lodge in 1987. The Dunstans were here when the new Lodge debuted in 1988 and when each of the present day accommodation wings were erected year after year until 1992. In fact, one of those buildings was a private home built for The Dunstan Family. To this day Butch and Terri reside in this house (knows as the Gatehouse) and devote their time to beautifying our grounds and maintaining the general upkeep of the buildings and boats. During the off season they also act as caretakers of the lodge. They are an incredibly special and valuable part of our team and many veteran crew members can't imagine this place without them.

Just recently I came upon a photo album belonging to the The Dunstans that chronicled their early years at Painter’s. The very first photo in the album was a Painter’s Lodge staff photo taken in 1970. Sure enough Butch is there in the back row but unfortunately it was taken just before Terri came aboard.

The pair reminds me of the saying ‘If these walls could talk’ except in this case we don't even need the walls. Butch and Terri have seen everything!

See you in a few,